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Minneapolis    Roof Inspection
Minneapolis    Roof Inspection
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Thermographic Inspections

Detecting temperature differences with infrared thermography allows us to provide a broad spectrum of services, limited only by one's imagination. Our focus is on three types of services: Electrical / Mechanical, RoofMoisture and Building Envelope Energy Loss.

Electrical / Mechanical Surveys

Faulty electrical and mechanical systems generate excess heat. By identifying this excess heat, we can isolate which components are failing. Our thermal cameras tell us how much excess heat, and therefore how serious the problem area is. These predictive inspections help ensure there is no expensive and unplanned down time in your electrical and mechanical systems.

Roof-Moisture Surveys

Our roof scans on low sloped roofs identifies moisture trapped in the insulation and below the surface membrane. During the day, the sun heats the entire roof system and when the sun goes down, the roof cools down - except where there is moisture laden insulation. These areas remain warmer well into the night. Using our thermal camera we identify wet areas and mark them directly on roof surface and document on a scaled roof drawing. Our clients then have the information they need to order the necessary repairs and not trap damaging moisture in the roof system.

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Building Envelope Energy Loss Surveys

Energy loss in the building envelope can be easily identified using our thermal cameras. Missing insulation in attics and sidewalls allows heat to escape the building wasting energy - and money. This is also true of leaky windows and doors. The correction of these issues is often extremely cost-effective because of the relatively low cost of caulk and insulation.

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Top Quality Reports

Whether for roof, electrical or heat loss inspections, our reports give you the information you need to make the correct decisions regarding your facility. We pinpoint the problem areas in our electronic reports which are delivered within one week of survey completion.

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