Infrared Roof Moisture Inspections

Our roof moisture surveys identify wet insulation inside the roof system and invisible to the naked eye. We isolate and delineate wet areas with survey paint directly on roof surface. We also provide a scaled roof drawing showing exactly where the wet areas are located plus the percentage of your roof that is wet. We verify our results with electronic moisture probes. Thermograms are provided showing you each wet area. Not only does this service provide you with the information to order repairs, often these wet areas are the source of leaks into your facility. If reroofing, our service allows you to ensure wet insulation is not trapped beneath, compromising your new roof system.

Infrared Electrical & Mechanical Inspections

Identifying faulty electrical connections in electrical systems is perhaps the most popular, and valuable, use of thermography in commercial and industrial applications. Mechanical systems, motor bearings, steam boilers and underground heated piping can also be inspected for faults using thermography. Are concise and useful electronic reports are delivered within one week of survey. Any serious failures are reported immediately to appropriate personnel.

Infrared Heat Loss Inspections

Building envelope heat loss is another valuable service our infrared inspections provide. Insulation voids in attics and exterior walls, bypass pipes between floors, as well as energy loss around windows and doors can all be identified with our thermographic surveys.

Service Nationwide

We work with building owners, property managers, roofing consultants, risk managers, insurance companies and facility engineers across the country who want an independent, experienced and qualified inspection of their facilities.

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