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Infrared Inspections, Inc. was established in 1985, the early days when thermography was beginning to be used as a predictive tool for roof moisture, electrical and heat loss inspections. Since then, technology has drastically improved and the benefits of of these inspections has increased greatly. Tested and trusted. Qualified and bona fide. For an experienced expert, you can consider us the go-to choice.

  • Level II Certified
  • Fully Insured
  • Service Nationwide

IR Roof Moisture Inspection Report Drawings

Our thermographic roof scans identify wet insulation inside the roof system and invisible to the naked eye. Often the source of damaging leaks, it is also crucial to remove these wet areas before reroofing.

IR Electrical & Mechanical Inspections

The benefits of infrared electrical and mechanical scanning are well known: Identifying problems in these systems will prevent unscheduled downtime and costly repairs.

IR Heat Loss Inspections

We can identify heat loss do to missing, damaged or moisture laden insulation in the exterior building envelope of any heated structure. Also identified are areas of expensive heat loss around windows and doors.

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